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SambaSports Youth Agenda


SambaSports Youth Agenda is a youth Focused, CBO that exists to inspire and influence healthier behavior in adolescents and youth through targeted, integrated sports, arts, life skills and value infusion activities.

Summary of relevant work

Utilising Sports,arts and culture and mental health support to inspire positive engagement of young people in Kwale and Mombasa counties.

Areas of Intervention

Teenagers, Peace, Social Justice, Education, Arts and Media, Mental Health in Early Life, Collaborations and Networking, Culture and Traditions

Key Partners

National Gvt, County Gvt, GSN, Diplomats For health, Base Titanium, HURIA, MUHURI, NACADA, NCIC, NCTC, Cordaid, Plan International, US Embassy, TDH, Aga Khan Foundation etc

Type of Organization




Kwale, and Likoni Subcounty of Mombasa County