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TINADA Youth Organization (TiYO)


TINADA Youth Organization is a community-based organization working in the western part of Kenya focusing on integrated mental health rights education and campaigns, child and youth empowerment, sexual reproductive health and disaster risk-reduction. TINADA exists to promote integrated health, education empowerment, human rights advocacy, disaster risk-reduction and economic empowerment among the marginalized youth and families leaving within the Lake Victoria Region through capacity building, support services, mentorship, demonstrated good practices and strategic networking. We work on ending stigma and discrimination among persons suffering from mental health, neurological and substance use disorders and increasing their access to quality mental health care services, education opportunities, leadership involvement and respect for their human rights. We do this by integrating and coordinating holistic prevention, promotion, rehabilitation and support that aims at meeting mental health care needs with evidenced-based research.

Summary of relevant work

Mental health and psychosocial support is Moving towards ending stigma and discrimination among persons suffering from mental, neurological, alcohol and drug abuse use disorders and increasing their access to quality integrated mental health care services. We invest in the facilitation of integrated mental health interventions that are focused on health prevention, promotion, and effective linkage for care and treatment emphasizing services based on the holistic needs of the beneficiaries and the community. Strategic integrated interventions include Prevention, Mental health and psychosocial support, Rehabilitation, Sexual and gender based violence and Sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) with focused to attainment and achievement of Universal Health Care and Primary Health Care We continue to support evidenced based interventions aimed at addressing the needs of Mental health services, ending stigma and Discrimination among people with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities and advocacy on mental health Financing and Rights within Western Kenya. TiYO has been implementing her programs in collaboration with Communities, CSOs, conventional and non-conventional healers, County and National Government, private sectors and relevant stakeholders TINADA’s MHPSS department strives to offer holistic services by not only offering counselling services within our center for mental health but also through referral to necessary services that a client may need. As such, TINADA focuses on Prevention, mitigation and response with regards to mental health services. The services offered include; In matters prevention and mitigation, the MHPSS department undertakes awareness and sensitization sessions within communities and learning institutions to foster awareness of mental health issues and by extension prevent some conditions that can be prevented. The awareness creation is aimed at alleviating stigma and discrimination, enhancing referral pathways and ensuring the services are accessible and available. Provision of General counselling, Addiction Counseling, Family therapy; Marital Therapy / Couple’s Counseling, Art and Play Therapy, Trauma Counseling, Support groups in schools and within the grassroots communities, Referral to Psychiatric Services, Referral to Rescue services, Referral to Temporal shelter and Referral to Legal Aid partners/ Access to Justice TINADA run this program with the aims to reduce the existing stigma of mental illness, that is not only present in African countries, and to improve patient care through educational seminars, discussions, lectures in schools and radio programs. The initiative coordinate & facilitate community education on brain health, effects of drugs on the brain, myths & misconception on mental illness, need for early treatment of mental illness, & how day-to-day factors affect learning & memory. This raises awareness about the brain & enables citizen & stakeholders to consider neuroscience & brain research& engage government on mental health rights. We do dialogues & discussions about mental health & rights for exchange of ideas about the brain & the interactions between cultures, society, & neuroscience to inform policy development, this done through local health facilities, community units, local informal community groups, women's groups, youth groups, medical colleges, opinion leaders, stakeholders, medical centers, & churches in western Kenya. We also Dialogue to empower traditional & faith healers to deliver evidence-based psychosocial interventions to reduce treatment gap in Kenya.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, Peace, Environment, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Physical Disability, Postpartum depression, Policy, Advocacy and Legislation, Social Justice, Communicable Diseases(HIV, TB), Non - Communicable Diseases (Cancer, Diabetes), Arts and Media, Capacity Building and Training, Research, Primary Care, Old Age, Health promotion, Stigma, Mental Health in Early Life, Financing and Budgeting, Global Mental Health, Collaborations and Networking, Culture and Traditions

Key Partners

Open Society Initiatives for Eastern Africa, FIDA-Kenya, Leonard Cheshire, Comic Relief, On The Move, CBM, GNDR, ADS, APDK, Access to Medicine Platform, VOICE (executed by a consortium between HIVOS and Oxfam), Edinburgh Global Partnerships, Ustadi Foundation, DANIDA (Global South Program), EU, Population Action International, LVEMP II, NACC

Type of Organization