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Young African Women Initiatives


Young Africa women initiative (YAWI) is a legal entity based in Nakuru Kenya. YAWI is a woman led organization founded in 2012 and registered with the NGO board of Kenya. YAWI became operational in 2015 and operates mainly in urban slums. The purpose of the organization is to provide women, children and girls facing multiple disadvantage across more strands of gender- based violence with knowledge and skills on violence prevention and response. At the top YAWI is led by a board of 5 board of directors with diverse skills. At the management level, YAWI has qualified staff led by an Executive Director (1), project officers (2), mobilization, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning officer (1) and 1 office assistance administrator.
Our Vision: African women to live in a world that embraces integrity, peace, prosperity, respect for human rights and freedom from oppression.
Our Mission: To promote, protect and advocate for the rights of women
1. Objective: To ensure their freedom form all forms of violence and provide them with tools and resources necessary to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency.
2. Values/ principles • Women and girls have special interest
• Integrity
Thematic focus
1. Women Rights Advocacy
2. Elimination Of all forms of Violence Against Women & Girls
3. Psychosocial support/ trauma healing
4. Economic Empowerment For Sustainable Livelihoods.
5. Transformative Leadership and Good Governance
6. Ensuring universal access to SRHR

Summary of relevant work

Our programs 1. Economic and Livelihood program.
Dubbed “Promoting Opportunities For Women Empowerment (POWER)” The purpose of this program is to equip women in the informal settlement in Nakuru town who are mainly survivors of gender based violence (domestic violence). They are equipped with technical skills in Reusable biodegradable & eco-friendly bags making, apron and reusable baby dippers.
2. Gender based violence and human rights program
Elewa haki (Know Your Right) The main objective of the ELEWA HAKI project is to create awareness on gender base violence and provide social platforms using technology and media to end Gender Based Violence, using a Human Right Approach (HRA) model. Our HRA focuses on both universal and Kenyan constitution economic and social rights guaranteed under article 43 of the Kenyan Constitution.
3. Sexual and reproductive health and teenage pregnancy
Through a program dubbed Support Expecting and parenting teenagers in YOUR COMMUNITY, YAWI offers sexual and health education to school goings teenage girls, offer psychosocial support to victims of teenage pregnancy. In addition to sending them back to school, sort for justice for rape cases, child support among other. Also trains and provides teenage mothers to use reusable dippers instead of single use diapers to promote clean environment.
4. Environment conservation:
A changing climate affects everyone, but it’s the world’s poorest and those in vulnerable situations, especially women and girls, who bear the brunt of environmental, economic and social shocks. YAWI sensitize women on environmentally friendly initiatives such as waste management public awareness, energy conservation etc. Through a cooking friendly and clean energy initiative dubbed LIGHT IS BASIC by distributing solar lanterns and bio digesters

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, Social Justice, Communicable Diseases(HIV, TB), Non - Communicable Diseases (Cancer, Diabetes), Education, Health promotion, Global Mental Health

Key Partners

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Global fund for women USA, women empowerment link, county government nakuru, criterion institute USA