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Women In Response to HIV/AIDS and Drug Addiction


Women in Response to HIV/AIDS and Drug Addiction (WRADA) is a women, youth and community-led organisation serving the community of people who use drugs in East Africa with a focus on women and young people. WRADA is led by people who use/used drugs, is based in Nairobi and brings together women and young people who use drugs from all over Kenya for their empowerment and amplification of voices and issues through advocacy, education, capacity building, network strengthening and referral to health, social and legal services.

Summary of relevant work

- WRADA was a part of content development of a mobile application for University students at the University of Nairobi focusing on drugs, SRHR and mental health awareness and services. (APP name: RADA)
- WRADA members participate in international forums such as Students for Sensible Drug Policy International, YouthRise International and the International Network of People who Use Drugs.
- WRADA is currently running an anti-GBV project known as the MAVI- Men Against Violence Initiative which is a culturally relevant channel equipping former, current and potential perpetrators of violence with Alternative Dispute Resolution skills, and Basic community counselling skills.
- WRADA is running an SRHR education project for women who use drugs and sex workers who use drugs.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, Sex Workers, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Policy, Advocacy and Legislation, Social Justice, Communicable Diseases(HIV, TB), Education, Capacity Building and Training, Research, Health promotion, Stigma, Global Mental Health, Collaborations and Networking, OTHER

Key Partners

International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD), Caucus on Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Reforms (CHRDPR), Voices of Community Action and Leadership (VOCAL Kenya), Key Populations Consortium of Kenya (KP Consortium)

Type of Organization




Nairobi, Kiambu, Mombasa.




Twitter- @Wrada_Ke
Facebook- WRADA- Women in Response to HIV/AIDS and Drug Addiction
Instagram- @Wrada_Ke