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Afropsych LTD


• Criminal justice - the Centre identifies effective methods of supporting and diverting people with mental health problems in the criminal justice system
• Employment - the Centre develops and promotes new ways of helping people with mental health problems get and keep work
• Recovery - the Centre helps mental health services across Nigeria to support people more effectively to make their own lives better on their own terms
• Children & Youth - the centre undertakes Integrative Therapy work which aims to improve the life chances of children & Youth through the support they need early in life
• Mental and Physical Health - the Centre recognizes the strong association between mental and physical ill health and works with partners to review the evidence on cost of co-morbidities, as well as carrying out related research on liaison psychiatry
• Workplace training - we train managers and staff to understand, identify and support people with depression and anxiety at work

Summary of relevant work

Afropsych offers Mental Health First Aid Training to Communities, Primary Care Workers, Governmental Security Agencies such as the Police, Road Safety Corps, The Army, The Customs and Immigration. We establish and Manage Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers and Solicit for Funds to back them up. We utilize multi-disciplinary Health Professionals to ensure that Holistic Health is promoted.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, LGBTQ, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Postpartum depression, Communicable Diseases(HIV, TB), Non - Communicable Diseases (Cancer, Diabetes),Teenagers, Primary Care, Health promotion, Stigma, Mental Health in Early Life, Global Mental Health Education, Research, Primary Care, Health promotion, Stigma, Mental Health in Early Life, Global Mental Health, Collaborations and Networking, OTHER

Key Partners

Churches, Philanthropists, and Organizations

Type of Organization






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