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Together for Better Foundation


Creating solutions for effective menstrual health management through the provisions of education, training, and adequate information regarding Menstrual Health Hygiene. Our aim is to effectively decimate and demystify the myths of menstrual health with informational education and thereby also stem the alarming growing numbers of early and teen girls’ pregnancies.

Summary of relevant work

There are a vast group of women in low-income slums and villages where young girls are a direct beneficiary of this program. The reusable sanitary kits has created substantial employment opportunities to over 50 tailors. A vast number of children can enhance their knowledge through the foundation’s libraries in an effort to promote literacy levels within various rural areas. Increased levels of awareness has been evidenced through our programs relating to Menstrual Health Management and as a result, there are documented reduction in not only absenteeism but also dropouts among young girls simply due to the fact that they have access to better Menstrual Health Management thereby instilling them with renewed confidence. To date we have distributed over 14,000 reusable pad kits and established 45 libraries around Kenya.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, Education, Health promotion

Key Partners


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