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Girls Health Ed


Girls Health Ed's mission is to advance gender equality by fostering healthy, informed, and empowered decision-making in adolescent girls and young women through comprehensive health and sexuality education.

Summary of relevant work

Girls Health Ed provides medically accurate, gender-transformative, and intersectional comprehensive health and sexuality education to low-income, underserved adolescent girls and young women in schools and community centers throughout the country. Our curriculum covers body image, self-esteem, and goal setting; puberty and personal care; violence prevention, healthy relationships, and consent; menstruation; and reproductive health.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, LGBTQ, Social Justice, Communicable Diseases(HIV, TB), Non - Communicable Diseases (Cancer, Diabetes), Education, Bullying, Health promotion, Stigma, Mental Health in Early Life, Culture and Traditions, Technology and Innovation

Key Partners

White Ribbon Alliance Kenya, Girl Up

Type of Organization






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