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Girls for girls Africa mental foundation


We are a community based organization that provides psychotherapy programs to survivors, caregivers young mothers snd and persons living with a mental illness psychotherapy programs. We offer both virtual and physical counseling

Summary of relevant work

We currently are working on a holistic program that equips the survivors sand caregivers the knowledge on trauma and how to navigate in communities after going through abuse. This is a thirteen week program in addition to the right counseling sessions that allows the participants to process their trauma and form healthy communities within themselves.

Areas of Intervention

Women, Teenagers, LGBTQ, Postpartum depression, Social Justice, Arts and Media, Research, Primary Care, Bullying, Health promotion, Stigma, Mental Health in Early Life, Global Mental Health, Technology and Innovation

Key Partners

Ember, Triggerise and county government of Mombasa

Type of Organization


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Social Media

Twitter @G4G_AFRICA

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